Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fake vs Original BeautyDIY, BeautyEasy & Skincology

When the products are hot selling and famous, will have bad people to replica them.
Most of the replica are from China, that's why all Taiwan BeautyDIY, BeautyEasy, etc products sold to China will have a hologram.

Payeasy has a official distributor in China with hologram since year 2009 only. Before that, only wholesale that can buy payeasy stocks around RM30k at one time can have hologram sticker. Normal buyers in Taiwan and oversea (with small amount) will not have hologram stickers!

First, Taiwan authority is strict. No need to provide sticker since all products sell in Taiwan (internet/shops/supermarkets) are genuine !

Second, hologram sticker is a special privilege for whole-seller which can stock in large volume of stocks.

A) How to check the hologram sticker is true or false?

Go to their website:
(you must register as member in order to check, year before 2009, everyone can check)

Put in the codes from the hologram.

If the codes are genuine and FIRST TIME key in(no other people have the codes).
You will get a successful page. CONGRATULATIONS! YOUR PRODUCT IS GENUINE

If you key in your code second time , or maybe someone key in the codes you have.
you will get an error page showing that your code has been keyed in before.

B) if no hologram sticker, means is fake one?
Of course not. As explain earlier, products in Taiwan no hologram stickers, but is genuine one. Only people with RM30k can buy stock with hologram stickers. So, the seller sell to you with hologram, you need to ask yourself : the seller got so much cash to buy stock??????????????

The whole sale price will not be less than the official price in Taiwan website, because whole seller price only got around 25% discount only. No people want to pay so much $$$(30k) to get so little profit!

One more thing is check for every little spelling. Original one will not have spelling mistake!