Thursday, December 3, 2009

Skin79 Hot Pink Reviews

Here comes my own review on Famous Skin79 Hot Pink

This is the first hot selling BB cream released by Skin79. The first generation of Skin79. A lot people like it and now I'm giving reviews comparing to others I had tried out.

This BB cream is quite watery and easy to apply. After apply, it will match your skin colour very well. Oil control is definitely the best one in Malaysia hot weather climate. It is very suitable for people who like to have a natural look and oil control!

The bad part of it is the coverage is not very good. Because it is quite water, it can only cover some pores and light pigmentation only. If you wish for a greater coverage, cover more pimples, scars, pores , etc, Skin79 Hot pink is not suitable.

Bellow are some buyers' comments:

[quote=meburntsoap,May 21 2010, 09:17 AM]
hi,i'm interested in getting some samples from you. but would like to get some advice on which one may be more suitable.

i have used many brands of bb cream;
Skin79 hot pink - to greyish for my skin tone (i can't comment on the oily/drying cos i washed it off after seeing my face so grey o_0)
Skin79 absolute total - still too greyish
Skin79 oriental gold - tone suits my skin very well however it became super duper oily at the end of the day
Dr Jart - too drying and too grey
Dr Gowoonseng - tone suits my skin but too drying - created fine lines

Friday, November 27, 2009

Advanced Hydra Range

Advanced Hydrating cream 水凝霜EX2 - RM58.80 (30g)

Here comes my review ^^ :
First I'm quite curious about the hot selling chart of the official website and the users reviews of this range. So, open up a new jar to try out. :p

HONESTLY, it is really hydrating! Even more hydrate than the rose range! Skin is smooth and supple after apply. No fragrance or greasy feel at all! Somemore, I believe that when skin really get enough of WATER, the pores will be smaller. I like it!

Suggestion: Go for advanced hydrating serum, then Rose moisturizer gel. Serum is more easy to absorb. Then use the rose gel to maintain the moisture since is more cheaper than the advanced hydra cream :)

This advanced hydra range is quite expensive. If you are having a tight budget, can go for
Aqua Circulating hydra gel 水循環泉護保濕凝膠- RM43.80 (60ML)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Missha BB creams REVIEWS from buyer

(bubusan @ Aug 9 2009, 01:07 AM)
Added on August 10, 2009, 5:58 pmi've try the Misha M cream.
the color is a bit dark for my skin tone..
coverage is good, oil control is ok.
for my face shill spf 30 is better oil control.

(mmkk30 @ Jul 29 2009, 11:53 AM)
wow...if compare Organic Water Drop with Missha M, i much more prefer Missha M.
Missha M - coverage GOOD, skin look smooth & I feel my face look more natural
For those girls would like to have abit pinky face & oil control BB cream, you can try Organic Water Drop

(alsa0903 @ Jul 25 2009, 09:24 AM)Hi Pei See,
Drop by to give me feedback on the BB sample that I've tried.
As Missha Vita is more suitable for drier skin (and I gave combi-oily skin type), I gave it away to my mum.She has yet to get back to me on the feedback.
As for Shills 8 in 1 (with Spf30), I like it. It is comparable to Skin79 Hot Pink and Dr Jart(Silver label), brands that i am currently using. Coverage and oil-control is good. I like its natural scent too. Pricing wise, it is definitely more affordable laugh.gif

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nature Rose Hydra Range

This is the range that I like most!

First, I like the light rose sweet smell of the product. Not very strong, is light and sweet!
Second, the products are so light and tiny which are easily absorb by skin. I do not like those products with greasy feeling and feel a layer of oil/cream after wake up in the morning.
Third, It is really hydrating.
Fourth, the price is not expensive. it is in the middle range.
Fifth, it is safe and reliable as it has been sold in Taiwan for more than 7 years in the Internet!

My #1 : Rose Oxigenerating Hydra Flower Gel
A gel type moisturizer. This is good to use in Malaysia weather. Gel type is oil free, so will not feel greasy under the sun. It can use as mask or moisturizer!

I'm a lazy type person. I added some rose hydra eye serum into the gel and apply the whole face including the eye area. Save some steps and time :p

My#2 : Rose Oxigenerating Hydra Facial Wash
Why I like it? After used, u can feel that your face is clean & moisture! No over cleaning, which leave skin dry! Superb!

Rose Oxigenerating Hydra Eye Serum
Really can reduce fine lines. I add into the moisturizer gel and use it. Feel a bit sticky if use alone. Like the rose smell~~~~ ^^

Rose Oxigenerating Hydra Night Jelly
Most hot selling in Taiwan. My sister like it because of the sweet rose smell. She said encourage her to apply frequently. It is more moisture and apply just before you sleep will be more effective

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Skin79 Diamond Prestige

Skin79 Diamond Prestige range

Skin79 Diamond Prestige BB cream

Skin79 usually has a watery paste, easy to apply.
Diamond prestige range has improved from Hot Pink with a greater coverage.
Oil control is good.

It is more suitable for oily skin type and if u would like to wear some makeup after apply.
The tone will be slightly white than Missha Vita, Skin79 Hot Pink

Skin79 Diamond Prestige Shimmering BB cream
It got a very shinny effects. Great for dinner make up!
If u go not like the "too shinny" effects, u can apply on your eye lid, which will looks like applying shinny eye shadow :)

SHILLS 超炫光 BB 無瑕霜 Super BB cream VS Skin79 Diamond Prestige Shimmering BB cream
I have tried out both, actually both almost the same. Skin79 is more shinny and watery. Shills is better coverage than skin79. Both got light fragrance.
Pricing: Shills WIN

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Missha M Vita BB cream

This is one of the BB cream I like. It is more suitable for dry type skin.
It got a more watery texture compare to BRTC BB cream.

It is easy to apply, can match skin tone very good, looks natural and will not be to white. Oil control also good. Can go under the sun and stay fresh until night time :)
Just that the coverage is normal only. Skin looks smoother but cannot cover scars.
It can cover pores, some uneven surface only.

* This BB cream gives a coverage on light pores and pigmentation only. For a better coverage, this is not recommended.


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