Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Skin79 Diamond Prestige

Skin79 Diamond Prestige range

Skin79 Diamond Prestige BB cream

Skin79 usually has a watery paste, easy to apply.
Diamond prestige range has improved from Hot Pink with a greater coverage.
Oil control is good.

It is more suitable for oily skin type and if u would like to wear some makeup after apply.
The tone will be slightly white than Missha Vita, Skin79 Hot Pink

Skin79 Diamond Prestige Shimmering BB cream
It got a very shinny effects. Great for dinner make up!
If u go not like the "too shinny" effects, u can apply on your eye lid, which will looks like applying shinny eye shadow :)

SHILLS 超炫光 BB 無瑕霜 Super BB cream VS Skin79 Diamond Prestige Shimmering BB cream
I have tried out both, actually both almost the same. Skin79 is more shinny and watery. Shills is better coverage than skin79. Both got light fragrance.
Pricing: Shills WIN

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