Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nature Rose Hydra Range

This is the range that I like most!

First, I like the light rose sweet smell of the product. Not very strong, is light and sweet!
Second, the products are so light and tiny which are easily absorb by skin. I do not like those products with greasy feeling and feel a layer of oil/cream after wake up in the morning.
Third, It is really hydrating.
Fourth, the price is not expensive. it is in the middle range.
Fifth, it is safe and reliable as it has been sold in Taiwan for more than 7 years in the Internet!

My #1 : Rose Oxigenerating Hydra Flower Gel
A gel type moisturizer. This is good to use in Malaysia weather. Gel type is oil free, so will not feel greasy under the sun. It can use as mask or moisturizer!

I'm a lazy type person. I added some rose hydra eye serum into the gel and apply the whole face including the eye area. Save some steps and time :p

My#2 : Rose Oxigenerating Hydra Facial Wash
Why I like it? After used, u can feel that your face is clean & moisture! No over cleaning, which leave skin dry! Superb!

Rose Oxigenerating Hydra Eye Serum
Really can reduce fine lines. I add into the moisturizer gel and use it. Feel a bit sticky if use alone. Like the rose smell~~~~ ^^

Rose Oxigenerating Hydra Night Jelly
Most hot selling in Taiwan. My sister like it because of the sweet rose smell. She said encourage her to apply frequently. It is more moisture and apply just before you sleep will be more effective

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Skin79 Diamond Prestige

Skin79 Diamond Prestige range

Skin79 Diamond Prestige BB cream

Skin79 usually has a watery paste, easy to apply.
Diamond prestige range has improved from Hot Pink with a greater coverage.
Oil control is good.

It is more suitable for oily skin type and if u would like to wear some makeup after apply.
The tone will be slightly white than Missha Vita, Skin79 Hot Pink

Skin79 Diamond Prestige Shimmering BB cream
It got a very shinny effects. Great for dinner make up!
If u go not like the "too shinny" effects, u can apply on your eye lid, which will looks like applying shinny eye shadow :)

SHILLS 超炫光 BB 無瑕霜 Super BB cream VS Skin79 Diamond Prestige Shimmering BB cream
I have tried out both, actually both almost the same. Skin79 is more shinny and watery. Shills is better coverage than skin79. Both got light fragrance.
Pricing: Shills WIN

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Missha M Vita BB cream

This is one of the BB cream I like. It is more suitable for dry type skin.
It got a more watery texture compare to BRTC BB cream.

It is easy to apply, can match skin tone very good, looks natural and will not be to white. Oil control also good. Can go under the sun and stay fresh until night time :)
Just that the coverage is normal only. Skin looks smoother but cannot cover scars.
It can cover pores, some uneven surface only.

* This BB cream gives a coverage on light pores and pigmentation only. For a better coverage, this is not recommended.


Here is my review blog on the products i sell.
Since the website not able to put so many things inside :p

Since i'm selling almost 300+ products only, it is not possible for me to try all.
So, I'll share out some of the products I have tried here.

My skin type is dry type.
Having blackheads, skin peeling off, dull and dark problems last time.

I'm from Ipoh, the city around the hills. Currently I'm working as an engineer in some electronics field.I have been doing online trading past 3 years. Now start to set up an e-shop for more convenient viewing.

I'm working it myself and may have some delay in reply MSN or email. I'll be working at normal office hour, only free to update my eshop after office hour. Would appreciate it very much for your patient to wait for my reply.

All products here already tried by myself, my brother and my sister. So, don't worry about the quality! I'm using the bags and skincare products too. Pre ordering will have rebates as a rewards for the pateint of customers to wait for the stocks.You support is important for me to continue. Thank you very much.

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