Thursday, December 3, 2009

Skin79 Hot Pink Reviews

Here comes my own review on Famous Skin79 Hot Pink

This is the first hot selling BB cream released by Skin79. The first generation of Skin79. A lot people like it and now I'm giving reviews comparing to others I had tried out.

This BB cream is quite watery and easy to apply. After apply, it will match your skin colour very well. Oil control is definitely the best one in Malaysia hot weather climate. It is very suitable for people who like to have a natural look and oil control!

The bad part of it is the coverage is not very good. Because it is quite water, it can only cover some pores and light pigmentation only. If you wish for a greater coverage, cover more pimples, scars, pores , etc, Skin79 Hot pink is not suitable.

Bellow are some buyers' comments:

[quote=meburntsoap,May 21 2010, 09:17 AM]
hi,i'm interested in getting some samples from you. but would like to get some advice on which one may be more suitable.

i have used many brands of bb cream;
Skin79 hot pink - to greyish for my skin tone (i can't comment on the oily/drying cos i washed it off after seeing my face so grey o_0)
Skin79 absolute total - still too greyish
Skin79 oriental gold - tone suits my skin very well however it became super duper oily at the end of the day
Dr Jart - too drying and too grey
Dr Gowoonseng - tone suits my skin but too drying - created fine lines

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