Thursday, July 15, 2010

Is time to scrub!

Using expensive skincare but still feel like your skin not getting any better?
It is time for you to have some scrub! Is gentle scrub, but not those with hard seeds scrub which will hurt your skin! You want to remove dead skin top layer and remain the fresh skin cells unharmed.

Previously, my skin is very very dull....and I hate the scrub type selling in Watson or Guardian which contains tiny tiny hard seeds! Then I found gel/jelly type scrub or can say peeling from Taiwan! Well, it soften your dead skin first, then gentle rub away the unwanted cells.

After scrubing, the skincare you apply will be fully absorb by the new cells!

mm, 是时候去角质了!(简单说就是去掉脸上的死皮)

本身用过好多种, 目的是为了让顾客多点了解。
我不喜欢 watson/guardian 卖的那种磨沙膏, 有一粒粒硬硬的东西, 感觉伤害皮肤。

1)青木瓜毛孔淨化角質凝膠 Papaya enzyme peeling gel
很不错的产品, 很多人喜欢。 不刺激, 比较粘, 要耐心慢慢按摩
A famous product which is gentle to use and good for sensitive skin too! This product, you need a little bit patient to rub the gel on your face and rinse with water.

2)anosa 紅酒抗氧去角質果凍 Red wine peeling gel
便宜! 比较水一点, 不刺激, 要耐心慢慢按摩
Cheap! This one is a bit watery compare with the papaya gel. It is good for dry skin because red wine add moisture to your new fresh skin cells. It would require some patient to rub too.

3)BIOBEAUTY完美微晶煥膚面膜 Biobeauty pore refining microfoliant mask
A bit expensive, but highly suitable for sensitive skin. This is a mask to soften you skin for few minutes, then only gentle rub it off. It is more effective than the papaya and red wine gel.

4)BIOBEAUTY 日用微晶煥膚粉 Biobeauty pore refining microfoliant powder
我的最爱! 但是现在升级中, 已经半年没有货了
粉状的, 可以天天用.效果一级棒!
This is the one i love! It is in powder form and can use it every day! I like it so much!

5) 日本POLA熱感角栓清潔乳 Japan POLA brand warming scrub
女人我最大推销的. 不错!不刺激, 热热的. 比凝膠容易清洗
Introduced by Lady First TV program. It is nice to use and easy to wash off.

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