Monday, July 5, 2010

Shills Primer Reviews

What is a primer?

Using a makeup primer is the best way to make your makeup stay put on for longer. Their aim is to prepare the skin for the makeup application, they pamper the skin and create a protective base for longer- lasting, natural looking foundation application and wear.

The primers give the makeup something to grab onto and help your makeup last longer, because the makeup primers create a smooth and perfect surface. They work especially well for people with oily and combination skin as they control excess shine and absorb the oil. A makeup primer is also appropriate for those with very dry and sensitive skin as it nourishes the skin and calms inflammations. If you apply makeup primer before the foundation it won’t rub off or smear. A primer should be applied after your moisturizer and before the foundation. It’s essential to let it sink in for a few minutes, give it enough time to penetrate into your skin.

Below are my customer's review:

QUOTE(coffeesparkles @ Jun 28 2010, 11:14 AM)
Hi dear, coming by to drop off some feedback about some of the items.

Well I used Shills diamond purple primer for the past week and half, it reaally brightens my face 0_0!! The consistency is very watery so a bit hard to control the amount, but it doesn't really matter to me. Once applied to face it'll look a bit white for 5 mins or so just like sunblock, then it blends into skin. Smells like sunblock too. Once I apply my normal foundation, can really see my skintone even out and fairer without looking unnatural. I usually leave my makeup on for over 8 hours XD with this primer, I notice my foundation beginning to fade only after 7 hours+, as compared to ard 5hours without primer. And I have oily skin tongue.gif

So quite happy with it although I think I will continue using a lil longer and see if there are any other effects.

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